Brian Behler

The thoughts of a sinner looking for redemption

Vice Verses

“Humanity’s song is the absurd, the tragic, the comic; the profane and the beautiful; the fallen and the redeemed. Our society is fraught with inconsistencies and absurdities. We claim to believe that all of humankind is created equal in a country torn apart by racial tension. We deem killing to be punishable by death but honorable under the title of war. We claim to serve a God who loves the poor in rich cathedrals and gold plated steeples. We objectify women and wonder why daddy’s little girl has low self-esteem. The highs and lows, the dark and the light. This is the absurdity of our bipolar existence. Stretched thin between the dichotomy of death and breath, ashes and cash, pain and beauty. The scope of it all is enough to drive a man crazy.  And yet, we are yearning for certainty, yearning for authenticity. We are longing for the final absolution, the face that will never go away. The tension drives us to look for resolution. We look for safety in possession or position. We look for redemption at the bottom of the bottle, or on the tip of the needle. We look for justice in the overfed breasts of the government. Looking for enlightenment in the numb conformity of the suburbs. We’re looking for deliverance, for the melody among the cacophony. The vices. The verses. And yet, all of these vices offer only a temporary release.” -Jon Foreman

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Alberto Seveso really neat art

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Christopher Schreck

This is beautiful

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Joel Robison
. Absolutely beautiful

Life is a story

We are living

Don’t freak out

Cus sometimes thhe presure keeps pushing on

When you try to sucseed but you keep on failing look on

You know time can’t fix this

But maybe I can

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Candy Chang - Sidewalk Psychiatry (2008)

Inspired by pensive pedestrians and the therapeutic benefits of walking, Sidewalk Psychiatry encourages self-evaluation by posing critical questions stenciled along NYC streets.

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Gurbir Grewal

Listen son, I understand your pain. I felt it for you, I took these scars. I want you to see me, give me your hand, rest in me stop chaceing the ground. Rest in me, come as you are. it’s all you need to be. The pride in your eyes keeps you from me, let me open your heart.

Is this what I have done

Is this what I have become

This is what I should have been

This is what I failed to reach

I’m waking up but I feel no meaning

My heart still beats, but im suffocating

You say youll fix me youll give me a chance

I keep screwing up I can’t do it myself

I’m looking for the meaning in what I do

I want to have rest, I want to be loved to

showing me mercy, mercy at last

this grace I can’t fathom i still cant grasp

Your changing my heat from the inside out

You clean me, the way I never could myself

I long to give the grace ive been given myself

To love live and die for something more than myself

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 Ad agency DDB&CO campaign for CNN in Turkey. The tagline: “Stories with the Full Background.”

To illustrate CNN’s objective reporting, the three posters pair together the American economy & Yassir Arafat, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad & Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and the war in Iraq & the pursuit of oil.

Advertising Agency: DDB&CO., Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Art Directors: Ali Bati, Guney Soykan
Copywriter: Gul Kanik

There are two sides to every story

Defining Moment - Brian Behler

Defining Moment - Brian Behler

If this does not give you shivers, I don’t know what will

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